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Our Medical Specialties

Endeavour Medical Cairns is an accredited practice which
provides a full range of medical services including:

Remember the way a doctor’s visit used to be?

You had one or two family doctors in the same medical practice who knew your name and cared about the ‘holistic you’; your health, fitness, family and emotional wellbeing.

Whilst the idea of having access to the same doctor and other medical professionals over a long period of time is something that many large, high-volume practices seem to have forgotten about, Endeavour Medical Cairns is all about providing the continuous care, attention and expertise that many people value. 

With highly trained, professional receptionists, this personalised care and attention starts the moment you arrive.  Ada, Rose, Caroline and Geena are dedicated to ensuring that your queries are responded to as quickly and as comprehensively as possible. 

Followed by tailored, individual care provided by both the doctors and nurses, it is clear that at Endeavour Medical Cairns, you have a team caring for you, not just a random, allocated doctor.


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